Taking lines for a walk…

For this months’ Mini Art Club, we explored the gallery for lines; asking questions together, “Where do the lines go?, What do the lines connect to? and What shapes do the lines make?”. We used viewfinders to help us with our hunt; some Mini Art Clubbers’ followed the lines on the floor with their fingers and their feet. Some looked up and discovered different types of lines in the building; there are wobbly lines in the bricks, straight lines in the metal pipes and lots of thick and thin lines everywhere! Some children found shapes in the lines; ‘I can see a triangle‘, ‘There are lots of circles in the glass bridge‘.

In the studio, Jess and I had made a giant map for Mini Art Clubbers’ to draw into. Lines travelled across the map with black pastels, connecting different areas together and developing the map into an abstract artwork. Paints in map colours built up the layers of the map, some children were able to use the colours as symbols; creating a new depth of meaning to their actions.

In the installation room, Mini Art Clubbers stepped inside a Map, following cardboard paths and projected grids, building box barriers and lying under fabric highways, all to the sounds of the city and industrial noises.

Quotes from families;

‘The ‘free play’ was great!’

‘Anna loves painting and playing with sounds’

‘Marcus and Hannah say more, more more! Thank you!’