Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Armed with shiny mirrors, Mini Art Clubbers have been on the look-out for all things reflective in May and June’s sessions. Heading up to the first floor Sculptural Forms exhibition it was lovely to see children and their adults spending ages hunting for interesting reflections and curious angles in shiny sculptures. The mirrors were also good tools for exploring shape, pattern and light as they were laid out on the floor, reflecting light on to different surfaces.

It’s important to thoroughly explore and deconstruct a theme, so ‘reflection’ also became an instruction for physical actions and sensory exploration. Children and adults were invited to mirror each other’s movements, marks, sounds, or simply spend time together gazing at their reflections.

Our studios turned into a large-scale metal party, as reflective domestic objects were dipped into shiny, silver paint to make shimmering marks. In addition, suspended mirrors and shiny objects dazzled the senses as reflected light and shadows danced around the room. Children loved the suspended silver, swishing curtains and enjoyed spinning and dancing to music with the silver ‘twizzler sticks!

In May, reflection was also explored through sound, as musician Najia Bagi introduced us to her sound sculpture ‘jingle’. In June, film-maker Jess Wild added another dimension of reflection as moving images of our activities were projected in real time on the wall through a surveillance camera, alongside an abstract art film and our usual shadow projections.  

See what’s in store for our final exploration of reflective forms in July’s Mini Art Club as I take a break and leave things in the capable, shiny hands of Jess and Najia!

Michiko Fujii, June 2014



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