Constructing and de-constructing ideas…

In our second look at Sculptural Forms, families began the session in front of the sculptures.
We thought about the materials the sculptures are made from “shiny metal, cold stone and smooth plastic”
And the shapes and forms they could see “they are wiggly lines” “circles and holes” “the sculpture is curved and it would rock”
Using large strips of coloured paper they ‘drew’ the sculptures onto the floor. This was very effective and allowed us to go large with our drawings.

We took our thoughts and ideas with us into the studio where we experimented with different materials to create abstract sculpture landscapes on gridded paper.
As well as lots of linear materials, such as wooden and plastic sticks, we used shiny mirror, wooden blocks and letters!

On reflection there were too many choices of materials and our ideas got a bit muddled!

In the installation room, tape gridded the floor and cardboard boxes were set out.  Families imagined they had stepped into their small sculpture landscapes and had to work together to build a landscape
One Family Art Clubber, Lucy, had a clear idea of how she wanted to make her small den with all the large boxes and shared her idea with the group, everyone worked together to build a giant den that they could stand inside

Some things worked really well in the session and others were rather tricky
But it’s good to try out ideas and learn from them and then we can make them better for next time

Sarah Marsh June 2014


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