a place of fiction and adventure


At Family Art Club we’ll be spending the next three months taking inspiration from the Sculptural Forms exhibition. When I look at these sculptures; made from plastics, stone and metal, I can imagine them as a landscape; an abstract paradise taken from the future or the past. A place of fiction and adventure. 

We imagined ourselves within these landscapes and drew from them using only linear strips of gummed paper. This theme was continued in the studio where families were introduced to a set of materials that were only linear in shape; wooden sticks of varying sizes, thickness and colours and small wooden cubes. On squares of graph paper, families made abstract landscapes by propping, leaning and balancing the materials, creating imagined spaces and structures.

In studio 2 we enlarged the materials to square cardboard boxes and gridded the floor and walls with tape. 
After the predictable excitement at a room full of boxes the art clubbers worked collectively to build landscapes, paths and walls. Linear blocks of colour were projected onto the boxes, creating another layer of interpretation. 

At the end of the session art clubbers were invited to build a final landscape to show to the rest of the group. The landscapes were given a title and we imagined what it would be like to live in those spaces. It was fascinating to see the diverse ways everyone responded to the materials and the ingenuity of construction that was visible. Carefully constructed structures balanced precariously on the wobbly tables but never fell down! Intricately considered walls of coloured sticks held hidden meanings and new worlds 

By keeping the materials simple we were able to let our imaginations run wild. Looking forward to continuing this exploration next month.

Sarah Marsh, May 2014



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