Imagination, creation, no limitations…

Over the past two months, Family Art Clubbers have been immersed in the magical world of Ryan Gander. We have looked through the forest (Tank with ‘Entrance to a Clearing’ 2013) and imagined a monster’s den, a twinkling glade, a place of wonder, curiosity and strange creatures!

We wrote about our imaginative journey and drew mystical maps and dreamy stories. At the end of the session we shared our ideas about the exhibition and how, through our exploration, we had been able to develop wonderful, imaginative and interesting artworks. Stories and drawings were swapped; so that new ideas could develop at home…

Our second Gander encounter took us to the colourful palettes (C++, 2013). We thought up stories about the painterly marks and asked ourselves what marks and colours would represent parts of our own characters, and our family’s.

Down in the studio we set up a ‘Paint Bar’, Jenny, a FAC assistant, served up palettes of colour to an excited group. On large strips of acetate we painted our personal marks, experimenting¬† with how we applied the paint and thinking about what the marks meant.

Our abstract self portraits were installed in the exhibition space , with the room dark and lights projected through the space, the work came to life. “It’s a magical world” said one happy art clubber, whilst she lay on her back and took it all in.

In the group crit, we reflected on what we had achieved ; realising how lucky we were to have a place where our imaginations can run free, creativity is cherished and the possibilities are endless.

Join us next month!

Some quotes from the art clubbers…

‘I can see different zig zaggy lines. Freestyle painting. A wrong drawing of an eye for example’.

The different colours make me think that this is the artists way of expressing the feeling of the portrait he paints’.

‘I can see the different shapes and ways the paint has been set out due to the portrait he was painting’,