Investigating opposites

For the second in our Family Art Club series focussing on Joana Vasconcelos, we extended our investigation of opposites to incorporate work in clay.

Children and parents used Joana Vasconcales’ ‘Hwarang’ as the starting point, describing the sculptures as:

Soft and Hard

Black and White

Male and Female

Smooth and Rough

Warm and Cold

Heavy and Light

Open and Closed

 In the studio we experimented with a black and white palette, using the soft lace and black ink to press into the cold porcelain clay. Families talked about the sensations and techniques in this process.

Solid and Squidgy

Straight and Wiggly

Slippery and Firm

Textured and Flat

Pull and Push

Over and Under

Long and Short

Wet and Dry

Light and Dark